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Dr. Bonyfide Books Featured on Science Friday (NPR)

by Know Yourself December 13, 2016

Dr. Bonyfide Books Featured on Science Friday (NPR)

“I wanted to share some books that I’ve been giving to my nieces and nephews. It’s a book for kids and young adults, called Dr. Bonyfide and it teaches the kids about their Anatomy. It’s like a workbook, it’s colorful, It’s instructional, it’s participatory and even adults love to do it and learn with them because it really brings a lot of knowledge to understanding themselves and the graphics and activities are just engaging and what’s so unique about this is that bones are actually outlined in typography so the actual name of the bone is outlined.  I know that my nieces and nephews have loved it. It’s called Dr. Bonyfide and it’s by a company called Know Yourself and it’s awesome.”

Call from Berkeley, CA

Science Friday - The Best Science Books of 2016

On Friday 12/2/16, someone from Berkeley, CA called Science Friday program on NPR talking how awesome Dr. Bonyfide Books have been for her nieces and nephews.
The program was featuring The Best Science Books of 2016, and she considered important to mention these books. We are immensely thankful to this caller, and would like to share a little more info about these “ colorful, instructional, and participatory” books, as she described them.


Let’s start by introducing Dr. Bonyfide:
Dr. Bonyfide is the host of our books, he is a charismatic skeleton professor on a white coat and red glasses who has deep knowledge about the bones and all the systems of the human body. He is also well versed about world culture. He has a generous soul as he loves to share his knowledge with his students.
Dr. Bonyfide is also featured on our Know Yourself Adventure Series and our Comic Books.


How many books do we have?
Our first four books complete the “osteology” segment of our series:
  • Book 1. Dr Bonyfide presents Bones of the Hand, Arm, and Shoulder
  • Book 2. Dr Bonyfide presents Bones of the Foot, Leg, and Pelvis
  • Book 3. Dr Bonyfide presents Bones of the Rib Cage and Spine
  • Book 4. Dr Bonyfide presents Bones of the Head, Face, and Neck.
We launched our first book on 2014, and we will keep working on creating new books to discover other systems of the human body in the same entertaining way


Is the information accurate?
Our creative process guarantees accuracy of the information featured on our books. Research of core content is performed by both, teachers and doctors, who work side by side with designers, illustrators, parents, cartoonists, writers, and engineers to present this info in a complete yet fun way. Every iteration goes through a thorough revision process by doctors and teachers. In the last part of the process audits by external health professionals are performed. The quality of our team and this process validate the contents and structure of our books, to make sure the knowledge lasts for a lifetime!


What educational tools do Dr. Bonyfide Books use?
Dr. Bonyfide books use multiple learning techniques to keep kids engaged. For kinesthetic learners, our books have instructions to do dances, to perform experiments, to touch and count your phalanges, and more. For visual learners, as the caller said, we’ve created our own typography that has the names of the bones outlined in it’s own shape, so kids can associate the name with the shape or function.
Comics are also an important part of our books, and great for avid readers. We feature short stories about guest characters generally showing how they overcome personal issues.
Anatomy is filled with difficult words, and so are our books. But the difference is that make sure we explain the meaning or etymology of these advanced words. In other cases we make sure that the context will encourage kids to grab a dictionary and look for a definition themselves. Believe it or not, kids will know what a prosthesis, cuneiform writing, and kyphosis are.  We also use  word games such as crosswords, word search puzzles, acronyms, mnemonics to help kids retain the info and practice their writing!
Book 1 - Using 3D glasses
Book 2 - How a fracture looks on X-ray
Book 3 - Thoracic Mark
Book 4 - Typography
Book 4 - Word Games
Book 4 - Inspiration
Certificate Dr. Bonyfide
Going beyond Anatomy.
Of course it’s great that kids can learn the names, functions, and location of the bones of the human body.  But our books are designed for much more than that. We teach kids how to take care of themselves. They will learn why a crunched posture makes them tired and why it’s important to keep a chest up, open and proud posture. They will also learn the importance of wearing protective gear to skate, to eat healthy to keep their bones strong, to smile to improve their moods, to stretch the lower back before doing heavy lifting, and so much more!
We said that Dr. Bonyfide is well versed in wold culture. In fact he introduces kids to different countries, languages and cultures to help open their minds to diversity.
We have created strong characters, male and female, that overcome difficulties and do adventurous stuff such as zip lining, skating, climbing to show kids that they can too be adventurous.


Know Yourself
Know Yourself

Know Yourself makes fun, entertaining, educational materials to teach kids self literacy: knowledge of body and mind. Self confidence, self esteem and the ability to self advocate comes when you know what you're made of!

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