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Dr. Bonyfide's Know Your Body: Senses Edition

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The Five Senses

YOUR MISSION: Explore the wonders of your amazing 5 Senses! This sense-ational adventure takes you to ancient Greece to learn about your very own built in super powers. Meet Aristotle and discover how you sense the world around you!

  • Take a Taste Test and discover your tongue’s talents!
  • How well do you smell? Sniff your way to knowledge!
  • Write secret messages only your eyes can see!
  • Hear, hear! How do your ears hear, anyway?
  • How does touch inform your world? 

With plenty of fun activities, a full-length comic packed with adventure, a keepsake treasure box, and knowledge filled to the brim, this incredible activity kit has hours of fun and learning.

Contents: Time Skaters Comic; Adventure Guide; Pinky Paper Toy; Five Self Literacy Experiments; Stickers; Fold-out Adventure Map; Molding Putty; Slime Recipes; Magnifying Glass; Decoder Pens with build in UV light; Know Yourself Notebook; Six Adventure Vials; Authentic Recipes; Quick Start Guide.

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