The Respiratory System Anatomy Adventure: Mission: Inhalable

The Respiratory System

YOUR MISSION: Are these the lobes you’re looking for? Prepare to go where no human (or space bunny–don’t worry, we’ll explain later) has gone before to learn about how important our respiratory system is!

  • Breath Star: what’s the most important muscle used in breathing? Here’s a hint: it rhymes with chryophragm.
  • Live Lung and Prosper: How are our lungs like trees? And why is it important to treat them well?

Rocket towards the frontiers of your imagination with USS Wangari, bunny aliens, and a spaceship with its very own balloon rocket!

Contents: Time Skaters Comic; Adventure Guide; Rocket T.E.E.N.Y. spaceship (paper ship, balloon, straw, string) ; limited edition USS Wangari enamel pen; grow jar casing; sticker sheet; Get Started Guide. 

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