Human Anatomy for Kids Starter Set

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Motivating children and engaging them in science is a challenge. Trying to create the best anatomy curriculum can lead to incomplete sources, watching many videos, and reading tons of reviews. Not to mention it's expensive. 

Know Yourself’s human anatomy for kids starter set provides you with the best hands-on learning experience. It takes the guess work out of teaching anatomy. It is an exciting and engaging curriculum using vetted science.

Readers will learn through real-world applications while creating fun experiences for your family through our diverse characters.

With our bundle you get to sample our best selling books that will help your child develop and discover who they are and how their body works.

Included in the bundle:

The first two anatomy systems of the body adventures!

In Adventure 1: The Five Senses, takes readers to Ancient Greece. There they will meet Aristotle and learn the anatomy behind the five senses. 

In Adventure 2: The Skeletal System, you are whisked away to 20th century Russia. There you will learn about how the Skeletal System works and meet famed Russian-American scientist, Alexander Maximov!

Then to continue your Skeletal System education you will receive an in-depth education with the first two Bones of the Body books. You will learn about the appendicular bones of the hands, arms, shoulders, feet, legs, and pelvis!

As a bonus treat we are also including an Organaut Tiny as a companion to your journey towards knowing yourself.

** Organauts come in blind boxes, adding an element of surprise to every package!

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