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Job: Unknown


  • Listens to the Liver
  • Can break down fat
  • Nice to have around


  • Considered a nonessential crew member
  • Unintelligible “speech”
  • Very misunderstood


  • Spewing bile everywhere
  • Snuggling with the Liver
  • Also friends with Nom, Intestines, and the Pancreas


  • Large fat globules
  • Being too full

The Gallbladder’s somewhat mysterious job is concentrating and storing bile–a greenish, sticky fluid produced by the liver. Bile helps the body break down and absorb jfat. When you eat, the liver will signal the gallbladder to release fat-attacking bile into the small intestine. The gallbladder, liver, and another organ called the pancreas, together play a powerful role in digestion–all from outside the stomach!