Dr. Bonyfide's Know Your Body: Germs Edition

DRBKYBGE Price: $24.99

The Immune System

YOUR MISSION: Assemble your Immune Platoon! Assail the ramparts of Fortress Germhold and learn about how your body fights off invaders!

  • Build your own castle and defend it from the germy hordes!
  • Hug your buddy Luke the Leukocyte (he’s so cuddly)!
  • Bandage up your buddies!

Filled with one-of-a-kind activities, a full-length comic packed with adventure, and a magnet latched castle box with paper toy turrets, this incredible activity kit promises endless hours of fun (and learning)!

Contents: Luke the Leukocyte plushie; Customized Leather Pouch; Hand Sanitizer; Customized Adhesive Bandages; Castle Box with Magnetic Lid; Paper Toy Knight and Dragon; Paper Toy Tower Wraps; Thermometer; Calligraphy Marker; Time Skaters Original Comic; Adventure Guide; Sticker Sheet; Get Started Guide.