Dr. Bonyfide's Know Your Deadly Animals

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Price: $19.99

What are the deadliest animals on Earth? The answers may surprise you! With this bloodcurdling kit, you can make fangs like a spitting cobra's, construct a ghoulish home for a funnel-web spider, and assemble the skull of the most dangerous animal on land—the hippopotamus! (Yes, really!) Wielding your handy Survival Guide, you'll learn why snails are more dangerous than sharks, how to avoid an elephant attack, whether piranhas would really eat you, and why so many humans fear the tiny mosquito. Plus, temporary bite mark tattoos let you wear everything from box jellyfish stings to crocodile bites on your skin—with none of the pain!

Kit contains:

  • 23-Piece Kit with 120 Stickers & Tattoos
  • Survival Guide
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Squishy Frog Toy
  • 2 Tattoo Sheets
  • Hippo Skull Paper Toy
  • Jellyfish Paper Toys
  • Glowing Funnel Web Spider Nest Kit
  • 4 Spitting Cobra Fangs
  • Viper Venom Kit

Ages 7+