Dr. Bonyfide's Know Your Dinosaur: Velociraptor Edition

DRBKYDVE Price: $19.99

You may have seen velociraptors in the movies, but what were these fleet-footed dinosaurs really like? Journey back to the Cretaceous Period with Know Your Dinosaur. Cast your very own velociraptor claw (and learn what it was used for!). Make dino tracks with velociraptor footprint stamps! Build and decorate a paper velociraptor pal! (Just don't forget the feathers!) Trap a plastic fly in amber-colored soap! (Sorry, dinosaur DNA not included.) Still hungry for dinosaur knowledge? In a full-color comic, a feathered velociraptor explains how velociraptors lived, why they look so different from their movie counterparts, how we know they had feathers, and much more!

Kit contains:

  • 46-Piece kit with 50+ stickers!
  • Raptor Claw Mold & Necklace
  • Dino Print Stamps and Ink Pad
  • Amber Soap Kit with Fly
  • Build Your Own Velociraptor (Googly Eyes, Stickers, Sequins)
  • 24 page Velociraptor Handbook

Ages 7+