No Sew Face Mask


*Kids masks coming soon.

In partnership with MerylUSA, Know Yourself is proud to be presenting Face Masks made with silver ion fabric. 

Included in the Kit:

Mask (Quantity 1,3 or 5)
Know Yourself Postcard with additional benefits and information on masks

Large Quantities:

Interested in larger quantities? For additional information please contact 


Silver Ion properties in the polymeric matrix of the yarn allow for maximum lifetime and effectiveness. 
Certified by the EPA
Zero Microplastic Release
Safe and Non Toxic 
Comfortable All Day Wear
Ultimate Breathability


At Know Yourself we want every family to have access to affordable and safe protection. While a mask does not eliminate or replace following CDC guidelines it does help by providing the wearer and those around the wearer some added protection. 

A key value at Know Yourself, is learning about the body to encourage everyone to be better individuals in society. A mask is one way that Know Yourself can help our community to better arm themselves with knowledge as they go about their everyday lives. 

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