The Endocrine System Anatomy Adventure

The Endocrine System

YOUR MISSION: Are you giddy to get moving? Good! Let’s keep that adrenaline pumping! Get on the outfield and get ready to play ball with the oddest body system of them all!

  • Hormones and growth spurts and glands - Oh My! How does your endocrine system help you grow up?
  • 3 strikes, you’re out! Our custom pitch instructing baseball works for righties and lefties alike!
  • Get your rhumba on with claves, a percussion instrument that helps you keep your rhythm!
  • This year’s MVP? The pituitary gland. Check out our custom trading cards to find out more!

Time to round the bases of knowledge with this amazing activity kit, where baseball, science, and fun come together to produce a one of a kind experience!

Contents: Time Skaters Comic; Adventure Guide; Custom Pennant; Baseball (with instructional pitch markers); 2 clave sticks; Custom Baseball Cap; four custom baseball cards in wax pack; sticker sheet; Get Started Guide.  

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