Time Skaters #2: Bone Voyage

In our second series of Time Skaters, the Loops Crew finds themselves seeking adventure after Ancient Greece. Fortunately, adventure isn’t far away as a portal sits waiting to take them to 1920’s Russia. 

Not only do they learn about the body in new ways but they are faced with action and surprises at every turn. Who knows who they will encounter along the way, or if they will escape. Will a portal be found or will they be left stranded in Russia? 

Don’t miss the wonderful adventures of the Time Skaters as they travel the universe in search of knowledge and adventure. 


1 Paper bound comic with pages of adventure 

  • Included within are activities to guide the reader through the skeletal system with activities, fun graphics, and a handfulof knowledge. 

Recommended Ages:

For independent reading ages 8+ 
However, our comics are great for all ages! 

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