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    About Know Yourself

    We Help Children on their Journey of Self-Discovery

    Imagine: You are in the kitchen and your 4-year-old runs in yelling “Mom! Mom!” You look down and say “What is it?” They put your hand on their sternum and become still. After a second they whisper with delight “Can you feel it?”

    Immediately you realize your little genius has discovered their heart beating.

    You explain and then that marvelous tiny human runs off again to discover something else. This is exactly what happened in our house that inspired my husband and me to create the learning series that would become Know Yourself. It has been a delight to read and hear similar stories from our customers over the years. Children’s curiosity about this body that is absolutely theirs is ubiquitous.

    Human body books for kids help curious minds grow.

    Children's self discovery journey pyramid

    Make health literacy as fundamental as the ABCs and 123s.


    Inspire children to be grounded in the awesomeness of their own self-worth and equip them to make healthy decisions about their minds and bodies. Through a deep sense of self, children are able to better relate to others and contribute to a society with more compassion, love and respect.


    Self-literacy:A journey to a better self through knowledge of the body and mind that ultimately results in happier, healthier, and less fearful SUPER-AWESOME human beings.

    Self-worth: Knowing that your value on this Earth is as great as any other human being on this Earth.

    Self-advocacy: Find your voice. Ask questions and speak your truth.

    Representation: Acknowledge and represent the diversity of the community that we live in and build appreciation for various human intelligence and learning styles.

    About Know Yourself


    About Know Yourself

    Know Yourself was created when our 4-year-old daughter came running to us having discovered a thumping in her chest. When we explained it was her heartbeat, it started an unending stream of questions about her body, what it is made of, and how it works.

    We searched for materials to foster her budding curiosity about her body, but we couldn’t find anything appropriate. Know Yourself was soon born and has grown from our garage into the company it is today.

    Since 2013, Know Yourself has continued to grow, teaching children about their most important possession - themselves: body, mind, and the inextricable and wondrous connection between the two.


    We have had the great fortune to work with a culturally diverse team of educators, doctors, scientists, researchers, community advisors, writers, artists, and many more!

    We are proud to share a magical combination of vetted scientific information and proven pedagogical techniques with engaging characters and entertaining stories. Our products are well reviewed, award-winning, and most importantly beloved by kids and parents alike.


    Know Yourself’s award-winning products are available on our website and through major retailers like Amazon, Target, TJ Maxx, Walmart, as well as many independent book and toy stores. You can also find us through homeschool distributors, like Timberdoodle, Rainbow Resources, and Christian Books.

    We are always expanding, because we want nothing more than to bring this important message to kids everywhere: Get to Know Yourself - you’re awesome!

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