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    Human Organ Toys

    Know Yourself is home to award-winning children’s educational anatomy toys and resources. Our newest cast of characters, the Organauts, are designed to teach your children about the vital organs of the body and learn how they travel through space.

    These collectible toys showcase how the following systems function and contribute to your child’s health and wellbeing:

    Each Organaut also comes with a Mini Comic Book and Collector’s Guide Book, giving your kids an educational tour of the human body. Get to know the bones, muscles and everything in between with our friendly figures.

    Meet the Organauts, our kids anatomy toys that make learning about the way the human body functions a fun and exciting task:


    A friendly bacterion, Dusty just wants to make friends with the other Organauts but his scratching lungs often make him cough, sneeze, and sniffle. How will he learn to stay clean and prioritize safety so he can come close to the others on their journey?


    Snot is a human body toy that teaches children how mucus travels from one person to another, can’t be contained through vaccines, and constantly causes stuffy noses. How will Snot do on the adventure with the other Organauts?


    Nom, the human body model toy of the stomach, is a nutritionist that helps fuel the other Organauts along their journey. He helps kids learn how important healthy foods can be and why it’s so important to trust your gut.

    Mr. Cortex

    Mr. Cortex, the human organ plush toy of the brain, is the second in command to lead the Organauts on their journey. His strengths are adaptability, observation and logic, and can teach children how important it is to challenge the brain.

    Captain Aorta Hart

    As the head commander of the Organauts journey, Captain Aorta Hart is, you guessed it, the heart stuffed toy of the human organs. He teaches kids how to lead a team to success by learning skills related to leadership, dependability and endurance.

    Grab our body parts toys below to help your kids explore new ways to learn about the human body.