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    Human Anatomy Books for Kids
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    To complete your child's education these products are MUST HAVE. Human Anatomy Books for Kids

    We believe in teaching children about their anatomy, bone by bone and system by system to give them lifelong power to make healthy decisions. Health literacy starts here!

    Award-Winning Curriculum Loved by Children and Educators

    The Human Body Through a Child’s Lens

    It’s never too early to teach your child anatomy. We don’t need to tell you how curious kids are. Every day they are learning something new about the world and themselves, and they likely come to you with all their questions.

    With Know Yourself, human anatomy for kids is presented in an easy, educational, and fun way. Through our selection of human body books for kids, you can teach your child all about anatomy, from the functionality of different body parts to the 5 senses.

    Teaching about how the body works for kids is all about allowing them to learn with their own eyes, ears, hands, and minds. From a children’s anatomy book to a hands-on learning toy, these materials help children understand the human body in a way that makes sense for their age, interests, and learning styles.

    We Help Children on their Journey of Self-Discovery

    Imagine: You are in the kitchen and your 4-year-old runs in yelling “Mom! Mom!” You look down and say “What is it?” They put your hand on their sternum and become still. After a second they whisper with delight “Can you feel it?”

    Immediately you realize your little genius has discovered their heart beating.

    You explain and then that marvelous tiny human runs off again to discover something else. This is exactly what happened in our house that inspired my husband and me to create the learning series that would become Know Yourself. It has been a delight to read and hear similar stories from our customers over the years. Children’s curiosity about this body that is absolutely theirs is ubiquitous.

    Human body books for kids help curious minds grow.

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