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    Dr. Bonyfide Anatomy Plushy Kit  


    Learning your child will LOVE!

    An interactive experience made to introduce your child to the basic anatomy and organs of the body. Unzip Dr. B's ribcage and explore the heart, lungs, intestines, stomach, kidneys and bladder. Each organ has a different shape and color for easy, distinguishable identification.

    Move easily through this learning with the accompanying fact cards, patient chart, stethoscope, and interactive activity.

    Included in this Bundle:

    • 14" Plush Dr. Bonyfide Doll with removable plush organs including the heart, lungs, intestines, stomach, kidneys, and bladder
    • Stethoscope
    • 7 Fact Cards
    • Clip Board with Learning Guide and Patient Chart Activities
    • Clear Backpack

    UPC: 850004103227

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