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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we provide sample pages for each book of the System of Body series and the Bones of the Body series. 

    Example Sample Pages

    We recommend ages 8 and up (Grade 3+) for self-guided work, but if you are working with your child learning can start at any age!

    We use some basic arithmetic sparingly in the series. It should work well for ages 8 and up (Grade 3 and up). With help from parents, our materials are appropriate for younger ages as well.

    At this time, these workbooks are set up for single use. However, we would love to talk with you about your needs, email us at, and we can have a more in-depth discussion there!

    We do not discuss religion. Our goal is to help children better understand their bodies. Our books are focused on human anatomy and the different systems of the body (e.g., digestive, circulatory, nervous, etc.) 

    Each Systems of the Body workbook includes a "learning calendar" for educators to use as a reference for planning lessons, with an estimated 14-15 hours of learning and activities in each book (or approximately one month's worth of instruction).  This 12-part series is multidisciplinary (covers science, literacy, social studies, art and more) and is appropriate for multiple ages  / grades (recommended grades 3-6 but can be modified for younger/older students), thus making it flexible enough to cover in one year or span over multiple years.

    The Bones Books are set up in sections that allow you to pace according to your children’s needs. You can do as much or as little as you want at a time. However, we recommend covering one group of bones at a time. 

    While our curriculum does cover Common Core standards for K-5 English Language Arts, particularly Reading Informational Text for History/Social Studies and Science (as well as other national standards such as Next Generation Science Standards and National Health Education Standards), our curriculum is not directly correlated to or affiliated with Common Core.

    We do! For additional details, please reach out to

    We support and educate around eating well as a means to support your body.  In each System of the Body Workbook, we challenge our readers with a recipe that is associated with the location of the adventure.  For example, Adventure 6: The Immune System takes place in Arthurian England and potage is one of the recipes.  We do this to bring an interest to children around real foods and the chemistry of cooking.

    Short answer: Absolutely! We take a cross-curricular approach to nutrition. Every Systems of the Body adventure emphasizes the importance of healthy eating, with a focus on foods that benefit the system in question. For example, what foods are good for your heart, which foods best stimulate your brain, etc. Each adventure includes healthy recipes your children can try at home (with your assistance) that highlight how nutrition is key to good health.

    No, our books do not teach creation or evolution. Our goals are to produce fun material to introduce children to the marvelous machine that is uniquely theirs: their bodies. The Bones of the Body series and the Systems of the Body Adventure Series are both introductions to one’s health and wellness. A basic introduction to what it is to be physically human. We leave the education around how we got here in the hands of individual parents and educators with the appropriate subject matter expertise for their classrooms.

    We briefly cover the topic of immunizations as it relates to the immune system in Systems of the Body: The Immune System: Adventure 6.

    Otherwise, there is no mention of immunization in our material.

    Our workbooks are not developed with any particular aids for dyslexia, dyscalculia, or any other neurodevelopmental or learning difficulty. It would entirely depend on the child's level of impairment, and a good metric would be their ability to access materials used in mainstream classrooms. One benefit of our products for children with learning difficulties is that we use large amounts of illustration and imagery (especially in our comics), which can be helpful learning cues.

    No, we do not discuss gender identity in our material. Our books are focused on human anatomy and the different systems of the body (e.g., digestive, circulatory, nervous, etc.) that all humans share in common. We briefly acknowledge hormones and puberty in the Endocrine System: Adventure 8.

    We do not discuss sexual body parts or the reproduction process. We include  the ovaries, testes, and gonads as part of the endocrine system and we mention the function of hormones in Endocrine System: Adventure 8, specifically on pgs 67, 70-71, and 90-91. 

    So you know exactly what to expect, view the page previews at the following link with text examples below: 

    Pg. 67 “Reproductive [ ] Also called gonads, makes and secretes hormones that control mood. Testes for boys and ovaries for girls.”

    Pg. 70 “This time of change is called puberty.* Your body is starting to turn into an adult body, thanks to reproductive glands called gonads.* In girls, the gonads include two ovaries attached to the uterus in the lower abdomen and in boys, two testes*, in the scrotum.”