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    The Endocrine System For Kids

    The endocrine system is one of the main controllers of your bodily functions. When introducing the endocrine system definition for kids, we can help you simplify the explanation of how glands and organs work together to create hormones and release them into the bloodstream.  Check out our books below:

    The endocrine system spreads hormones throughout the body to help control essential functions, such as metabolism, growth and development, and much more.

    With Know Yourself, you can simplify the way you introduce these endocrine system facts for kids with books and resources that make learning the material fun and adventurous. Our method uses hands-on learning, storytelling, world cultures, and activities to teach kids health and the endocrine system. By the end of our books, your child will understand how the endocrine system controls:

    • Metabolism
    • Growth and development
    • Sleep
    • Blood pressure
    • Reproduction

    Make learning fun for your little ones! Browse our endocrine system books for kids below.