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    As part of the immune system, the lymphatic system functions by carrying cells and fluid back to the blood system. It’s a network of lymph vessels that branch into tissues throughout the body. The lymphatic system is designed to keep fluid levels balanced, which ultimately allows the body to fight disease and infections.

    Finding ways to take this language and make it fun and easily digestible for children is a simple way to get them interested in the human body. With books and activities to learn the lymphatic system, your kids will have a blast better understanding how their lymphatic systems function.

    Books with Lymphatic System Facts for Kids

    Help your kids explore how the lymphatic system quickly responds to fighting off germs and infections so they can stay happy and healthy. Here are our books filled with lymphatic system activities for kids:

    • Human Anatomy for Kids Super Bundle
    • Systems of the Body: Adventure Series 6 Book Set (Books 7-12)
    • Systems of the Body: Adventure Series 12 Book Set
    • The Lymphatic System: Adventure 10