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    Five Senses

    Fuel your child’s curiosity to know more about both themselves and the world through our series of highly engaging, fun books. Helping your child explore the wonder of their amazing five senses, our sense-ational book “5 Senses” for kids is designed to make learning exciting and interesting every step of the way. Browse our series of books featured below!

    Filled with an awesome combination of story-telling, engaging characters, world cultures, and enjoyable five senses activities, our books facilitate hands-on learning and will have your child turning the pages for sure. Be it the full 12 Systems of the Body: Adventure Series- 12 Book Set, Human Anatomy for Kids Starter Set, or the Know Yourself Human Anatomy for Kids Super Bundle, your child will be filled with awe and wonder on the journey to self-discovery. Besides stories, the 5 senses for kids books include all types of activities such as experiments, crafts, comics, word games, recipes, and more!

    What’s more, their path to self-discovery takes them to interesting locales such as ancient Greece and others, which helps inculcate a fine understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures, human intelligence, and learning styles.

    Know Yourself is committed to making self-discovery and health literacy fun for children, helping them retain valuable information for life. Instilling a deep sense of self helps them not only make healthy decisions about their minds and bodies but also relate better to others. Their journey to becoming healthier, happier, less fearful, and simply awesome human beings starts in childhood, with our 5 senses for kids books. Are you ready to give them a fantastic start with a ton of knowledge and a sense of adventure?