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    Human Anatomy for Kids Super Bundle  



    These 16 gorgeous, award-winning workbooks and activities will do far more than just teach your child about human anatomy.

    Know Yourself engages young minds in understanding anatomy, physiology, and psychology. These books set a foundation for discovering how the body functions, building confidence, and making healthy decisions for yourself. Our pedagogical approach includes a variety of learning modalities, spiral curriculum design, and culturally responsive and representative content.

    Know Yourself has had the great fortune of working with a team of parents, educators, writers, doctors, scientists, artists, researchers and filmmakers in creating this original, educational, award-winning content. The list of contributors who have helped realize this vision is long and illustrious. We thank them all for their time, their passion, and their expertise in helping make Know Yourself a reality. We have only just begun!

    Included in this Bundle:

    • Clear Know Yourself Backpack
    • The Five Senses: Adventure 1
    • The Skeletal System: Adventure 2
    • The Circulatory System: Adventure 3
    • The Renal System: Adventure 4
    • The Digestive System: Adventure 5
    • The Immune System: Adventure 6
    • The Muscular System: Adventure 7
    • The Endocrine System: Adventure 8
    • The Respiratory System: Adventure 9
    • The Lymphatic System: Adventure 10
    • The Nervous System: Adventure 11
    • The Integumentary System: Adventure 12
    • Bones of the Hand, Arm, and Shoulder: Book 1
    • Bones of the Foot, Leg, and Pelvis: Book 2
    • Bones of the Rib Cage and Spine: Book 3
    • Bones of the Head, Face, and Neck: Book 4
    • Dr. Bonyfide's Know Your Bones Coloring Kit Model (40 in.)
    • Dr. Bonyfide’s Know Your Bones: Card Deck

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