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    Learn about the Respiratory System for Kids

    You might know how to breathe, but do you know what makes it possible? The respiratory system is responsible for helping us breathe, absorbing oxygen from the air into the lungs so all of our organs can function properly. Teaching this breathing system to kids can help them better understand how their bodies work and how they can ensure it continues to work as it was designed to.

    Learning About the Respiratory System Parts and Functions for Kids

    Searching for fun facts about the respiratory system for kids? Know Yourself has a variety of resources that can teach your children how this system absorbs oxygen, cleans waste, and helps fight allergies, diseases and infections.

    Grab one of these books or toys and try a respiratory system experiment for kids:

    • Human Anatomy for Kids Super Bundle
    • Systems of the Body: Adventure Series 6 Book Set (Books 7-12)
    • Systems of the Body: Adventure Series 12 Book Set
    • The Respiratory System: Adventure 9
    • Dusty - Dust - Human Anatomy Learning Toy
    • Snot - Mucus - Human Anatomy Learning Toy