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    Nervous System Books for Kids

    Your children might know a thing or two about their body, but do they understand the nervous system? Finding fun ways to teach how the nervous system works for kids can turn learning into an exciting game.

    The nervous system controls everything we do. From breathing and walking, to thinking and feeling - the brain and spinal cord work together to carry nerve cells throughout the body, taking messages from the brain and sending them to specific parts of the human body to ensure it’s functioning properly.

    Nervous System Parts and Functions for Kids: Our Products

    Know Yourself prides itself on taking these important topics and putting them into fun and inspiring resources that children can enjoy. Check out our nervous system books for kids and other products that make learning something to look forward to.

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    • Systems of the Body: Adventure Series 6 Book Set (Books 7-12)
    • Systems of the Body: Adventure Series 12 Book Set
    • Mr. Cortex, the Brain - Organ Learning Toy
    • The Nervous System: Adventure 11