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    How to Raise Future Yogis and Spark a Passion for Yoga in Your Children

    How to Raise Future Yogis and Spark a Passion for Yoga in Your Children

    Do you love yoga? Have you claimed the ever trending title of Yoga Mom? Are you looking for ways to share your passion for the practice with your children? Look no further.

    As you may know, the main philosophy of yoga states that mind, body, and spirit are all one and cannot be clearly separated. The central teachings of yoga revolve around the practice of mental discernment, detachment, spiritual knowledge, and self awareness. In order to be truly self aware and nurture your body, mind, and spirit's connection, knowing and understand how your body operates is essential. That’s where we come in! Know Yourself is dedicated to the importance of health literacy. 

    So, Where's the Disconnect?

    However, we’ve noticed that health literacy is not a priority in current education. How can you expect your children to grow that same passion for yoga, sports, or even meditation if they don’t know how to listen to andunderstand their bodies? You simply can’t.

    We have 3 tips to supercharge your child’s education and help them grow into the self-aware superstars you know they can be.

    Our Top 3 Tips for Raising Future Yogis

    1. Prioritize Learning About Your Body 

    When it comes to instilling habits and values in your children, you know better than anyone how important it is to prioritize that goal in order for it to actually be achieved. Whether it’s potty training, brushing their teeth, or a bedtime routine, being able to identify and  prioritize the right practices needed to reach a goal is key.
    For your goal of connecting your children with their body, mind, and spirit through the philosophy of yoga, you must identify that educating them about their body is a priority. 

    2. Tune into Social Emotional Learning 

    As someone in tune with their body, the impact of mindset should be no surprise to you, and that impact is no less for children! Children experience the highs and lows of various mind sets similar to that of adults. However, where you might encounter feelings of worry or stress that come from your career or family life, your child experiences those same feelings from school or friendships. The trouble most parents and children face is taking the time and space to validate those feelings and recognize how they are affecting the other aspects of you life. 

    Setting the standard for emotional awareness and acknowledgement in your children's life is key to their success. 

    3. Make It Fun

    Now that you’ve established the physical and mental connection in your kids, the fun part of introducing them to the art yoga can start! You may have noticed that children already tend to twist and bend themselves in many different ways, some often casually sitting in what’s known as the “Asian Squat,” a pose even most experienced yogis struggle with.

    That kind of movement and flexibility comes natural to most children, so tuning that existing ability into the beginner poses you know and love is a breeze! Make it a fun, special afternoon by setting aside some time, picking out a cool outfit, and choosing a few of the poses below to get your first session going.

      • Mountain Pose
      • Child’s Post (duh.)
      • Warrior Pose
      • Butterfly Pose
      • Flamingo Pose
      • Corpse Pose

    Where to Start  

    Of course, having resources to support your parenting ventures can make all aspects easier and seem more approachable. Our award-winning  Bones of the Body and  Systems of the Body: Adventure Series are the go to for introducing anatomy education to your children. Filled with engaging activities and story telling lessons that kids love, our books are the perfect place to start when looking to spark self awareness and confidence in your children.

    To kickstart their excitement for experiencing the practice of yoga, you can download the FREE coloring page below and turn it into a special surprise just for them!

    To learn more about our books, check out some of our best sellers and what parents have to say about them!

    Know Yourself. It makes you better at everything.

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