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    Our award winning curriculum, transformed.

    After over 10 years of producing industry reowned print curriculum, we created a seamless digital experience to teach human anatomy and the importance of health literacy to more children than
    ever before.

    We worked with educators, doctors, and software developers to create the new best digital anatomy curriculum: Know Yourself Academy.

    Interested in being a member of our test group audience?

    We’re thrilled to be sharing Know Yourself Academy with the world, and we want to do it right! We’re looking for an audience of teachers, homeschoolers, parents, and more to use our online curriculum for freeand provide feedback.

    Submit the application below if you’d like to test our first course, Know Your Bones: Upper Extremeties. We will review all submissions and contact you to move forward if you’re selected!

    The application will be open from March 22nd to August 15th.