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    Discovering SELF in the Age of Selfies

    Discovering SELF in the Age of Selfies

    If your kids are anything like mine, they are addicted to electronics.

    Left to their own devices (pun intended!), they will spend the majority of their day texting friends, playing games, and watching videos. They surface only for the occasional meal break (Can I eat in my room, please?), bathroom break (Honey, please don’t take your computer with you to the bathroom.), and, if I’m lucky, family time.

    And then there are the selfies. God, the selfies! A never-ending stream of them. Selfies texted to their friends. Selfies on Snapchat. Selfies in Selfies on Instagram. Picture selfies, video selfies, augmented reality selfies, selfies that make you look like a cat, or a vampire, or a dog, or a superhero. They never stop.


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