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    There’s no denying that humans are emotional beings. Everything we see, hear, or experience incites an emotional reaction, even if that reaction is sheer boredom. Sometimes this can feel exhausting, but it’s not without good reason -- emotions inform decision-making, and help us assess risk and prioritize needs. Emotions also help us communicate with and care for others, allowing us to create friendships and build communities.
    You have over 600 muscles in your body. So many, in fact, that muscle makes up about half your weight. It may seem muscles take up more than their fair share, but they have good reason to make such a heavy claim to your frame: muscles are your body’s primary source of power. Whenever something inside you needs to move, chances are your muscles make it happen.

    Think about your children. They have grown so much in just a few years and they are asking more questions than ever before. They want to experiment and learn about the world and about themselves. They are at that age when everything is new and fascinating. They feel...

    Learning about the skeletal system should be fun. There should be games and activities that keep a child interested.
    Watch this awesome Timberdoodle Review video!
    Long time no post! I am back after several computer issues and with a brand new review!! 
    Dr. Bonyfide Presents Bones - Set of 4 creatively engages your child as they learn the skeletal structures of the human body utlilizing a variety of rhymes, activities, comics, and various other fun tools. 
    I have a fun book set to share with you, Dr. Bonyfide Presents Bones Book Set of 4!
    We've had a crazy past few months and so it was difficult to actually get any work done. 
    I am so honored to once again be a 2017 Official Reviewer and Blogger for Timberdoodle! Timberdoodle is one of my favorite resources for "crazy smart" homeschool supplies and curriculum.
    So is there a doctor in our house?  At the rate we are going, there might be one soon!  Colby LOVES all things human body.
    This was the year that I knew our science would take a giant shift in the Wildwood Halls of Ivy.