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    When it comes to anatomy, you’re nearly an expert on knowing yourself by now. But can you apply what you’ve learned to something a little less…human? Think like a mad scientist and help us collect as many field notes and observations about zombies compared to us humans!
    Expand your knowledge on the circulatory system with this bone-us content! Engage in fun activities while learning the in's and out's of your skeletal system!
    Hey, Adventurers! Dr. Bonyfide here, back to answer a few of your questions about the skeletal system. Keep them coming - remember to submit  your children's questions here or on social media!
    Bones are made to be somewhat flexible, but also strong enough to take big hits. However, if we do break a bone, our bones are amazing in their ability to heal from a fracture or crack. Sometimes, people will get small cracks in their bones without even realizing it. When someone breaks or fractures a bone, however, it is much more noticeable. A broken bone will hurt a lot, might be hard to move, and will often bruise and swell. When this happens, a doctor will take X-rays, make sure the bones are in place, and place a cast or splint to stabilize the area and  aid the healing process.
    No matter who you are, where you live, or what age you are, you have something that everyone else has, too… a skeleton! The skeleton is composed of a complex system of bones to keep you upright and moving, all while protecting your internal organs. The skeleton also holds the key to many fun and surprising facts.