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    Let's take a look at how we’re affected by what  others  are thinking and feeling (or what we assume they’re feeling). This science, called  social psychology,  is the study of how our interactions with other people change the way we act and think. People have been writing about social psychology as far back as the ancient Greeks (and likely even further), but it was William McDougall who published   An Introduction to Social Psychology  in 1908, the first notable work on the subject written in English.  Since then, psychologists have been studying and naming various ways the speech, actions, and presence of other people affect our own - in obvious and in not-so-obvious ways.
    Most children know that we taste with our tongue, see with our eyes, smell with our nose, hear with our ears, and touch with our skin. Something they might not know is that our brain has a big role in how our senses work.