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    Know Yourself Blog

    When it comes to anatomy, you’re nearly an expert on knowing yourself by now. But can you apply what you’ve learned to something a little less…human? Think like a mad scientist and help us collect as many field notes and observations about zombies compared to us humans!
    Your immune system protects your most important resource: you! And its defenses are formidable: harmful invaders like bacteria, viruses, or parasites have to get through several complex layers of protection to do their damage. Not only do they have to breach physical and chemical barriers, they’ve got to dodge front-line cells and evade tools specially trained to seek and destroy them. The three lines of defense are barrier defenses, the innate immune system, and the adaptive immune system.
    Hey there, Adventurers. Today you’ve injected me with some great questions! I’m thrilled to return the favor and you with answers! As a skeleton, I don't have any muscle tissue or bloodstreams to receive a vaccine through, so while I may not understand your experience getting a shot, I can tell you all about them anyway! I am Dr. B, after all. I also don’t have a nose, so I can’t pick it like some of you do (c’mon, be honest!). But, I can tell you all about your favorite topic - loogies, boogies, nose gold... what else do the kids call it these days? Ah! Yes! Boogers! Snot! You might think they’re gross, but boogers and snot actually play really important roles in keeping us healthy.
    Aaaahhh-choo! We’ve all had a cold or flu before, but have you ever seen the virus that makes you feel so sick? Turns out, viruses are so tiny that we can only see them under a powerful microscope—they’re nearly 4000 times smaller than a grain of salt! That’s hard to imagine, but we can make a model of an influenza virus to see what it might look like if it were much larger.