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    Miss Frugal Mommy Reviews the Know Yourself Adventure

    Miss Frugal Mommy Reviews the Know Yourself Adventure

    The kids could not contain themselves when the box arrived, they were anxious to get their hands on everything, which is totally acceptable for this box! Along with supplies we needed to learn about the five senses were many extra fun reading materials. My son was really excited about the comic book and my oldest daughter found herself thrilled about the secret notepad and special pen. Heather W.

    Miss Frugal Mommy

    We’re thrilled that all three of Heather’s kids enjoyed the first delivery of the Know Yourself Adventure!

    Here’s the proof that Adventurelings in a range of ages can have fun with the contents! Check out Miss Frugal Mommy’s great review of the Know Yourself Adventure and the photos of even her littlest enjoying some tactile playtime.

    Photo © Heather W. (Miss Frugal Mommy).

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