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    Say Yes Loves the Adventure as a Holiday Gift

    Say Yes Loves the Adventure as a Holiday Gift

    We had so much fun exploring the first Know Yourself box. I love how engaging and varied the experiences are and great for kids of all ages […] I love the idea of this subscription box as a holiday gift. It makes something fun for kids to look forward to and a great learning activity for the whole family as well. Liz S.

    Say Yes

    See how Liz and her son did one of the science experiments in Adventure 1 of the Know Yourself Adventure by checking out her full review on We absolutely love that she put a holiday twist on the sense of smell experiment! Candy canes, anyone?

    It’s no surprise that the kitchen and the garden are a goldmine for smells. Here at the Know Yourself Headquarters, we’ve experimented with lemons, clove, cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods (a spice we’re exploring more in Adventure 4), sprigs of rosemary, lavender, basil, and plain ole garden variety (hah!) dirt. If you get the Know Yourself Adventure as a holiday gift and do this experiment like Liz and her son did, be sure to let us know what your nose knows.

    Photo © Liz S. (Say Yes).

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