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    Dr. Bonyfide's Know Your Bones Coloring Kit Model (40 in.)  

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    From your head to your toes, there is a lot to discover about the human body, especially for children. 

    Learning doesn’t have to stop when you close the pages of a book, instead it can happen whenever you like with the Dr. Bonyfide's Know Your Bones Human Skeleton Model Coloring Kit! Where learning goes beyond pages and translates into creative fun! Learn all 206 names and locations of your bones while having fun coloring them! 


    This coloring kit includes: 

    • A 21-piece Skeleton (40 in. tall when assembled)
    • Colored Crayons
    • 20 Fasteners 
    • Detailed Instructions
    • Hours of fun!

    Recommended Ages:

    Our coloring kits are suitable for all ages! 

    To use the coloring kit, with younger kids; keep the small fasteners and plastic bag away to reduce choking hazards in the home. 


    The Dr. Bonyfide's Know Your Bones Coloring Kit has been developed as a supplement to our award-winning workbooks which have been developed by a team of educators, health professionals, and parents. 

    Expanding the learning opportunities inside and creating learning fun for everyone. 

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