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    Snot - Mucus - Human Anatomy Learning Toy  


    Job: Muscle for the Rhinopharyngitis

    It’s time to learn about the body (Starship B.O.D), with Snot one of the friendly bacterions that the Organauts will encounter on through their journey through space. Alongside their fellow orgonauts and bacterion, Snot will help Starship B.O.D. learn new ways that they react to friendly bacteria while learning new ways to react to them when encountered.  Who knows how starship B.O.D will react to Snot as they travel through space?

    Snot is known for jumping from spaceship to spaceship, can’t be contained through vaccines, and is always carrying facial tissue with them everywhere they go. Snot wants to make friends but is known for causing mild stuffy noses. How will Snot’s interactions affect the Organauts on their journey? Will they grow to be friends?

    Join in the adventure from home as the Organauts travel through space. Collect them all and create your own adventure.


    • One Collectible Vinyl EFigurine
    • One Mini Comic Book
    • One Collector Guide Book


    Our products are backed by an award winning educational curriculum and products. At Know Yourself, we want kids to know how their body works to help them make more informed decisions as they grow up. By combining educational activities with play, you can be sure that you are helping to guide your children to self discovery, independence, and positive self-esteem. 


    Silicosis isn’t caused by a virus or bacteria. It’s caused by a mineral called silica. When a person inhales silica dust, tiny particles end up in that person’s lungs, where they can damage the lining of the lungs’ air sacs. Over time, this can can lead to major lung problems. People who work in industries like construction, stone cutting, and glass manufacturing are more likely to be exposed to silica dust.

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