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    How to Draw Dr. Bonyfide

    How to Draw Dr. Bonyfide

    Here’s how to draw everyone’s favorite bonehead, Dr. Bonyfide, with step-by-step instructions by Sketch.

    Just like the skeleton supports the body, an underlying sketch supports a comic book artist’s final drawing. In the world of comics, many professionals begin with a blue pencil and finish with ink. Try these instructions on your own piece of paper, or print this out and follow along by tracing Sketch’s lines. No matter how you start, the secret to drawing is to practice, practice, practice!

    How to Draw Dr. Bonyfide!

    How to Draw Dr. Bonyfide

    1. Start with a simple oval for Dr. B’s head. Then draw horizontal and vertical lines through the center. This will help you place his facial features.

    2. Next draw simple circles on the horizontal lines and a triangle in the middle of the vertical line. These will be his eyes and nose. Also, add in a smile for his mouth!

    3. Dr. B doesn’t see very well, so add in squares for his glasses, and don’t forget his eyebrows!

    4. Now that you have everything positioned, start detailing them. This is where your drawing will really start to take shape.

    5. Erase out your sketch lines (or you can go over your drawing in ink as well) and voila! Dr. B never looked so good!

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