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    Meet Dr. Bonyfide!

    Dr. Bonyfide is a young person’s guide to the most valuable resource they have – their own body.

    Join Dr. B. as he leads the charge to help young people improve their self-literacy. He knows that having basic information about the body is empowering and should be information for everyone. Dr. B.’s goal is to give children valuable tools to make healthy life choices and gain self-confidence.

    Find Dr. B. in our innovative children’s book series, Dr. Bonyfide Presents, where he guides children through the structures of the body in his whimsical, kid-friendly style. Dr. B.’s step-by-step approach includes jokes, rhymes, and games to keep readers engaged and coming back for more! Best of all, Dr. B.’s funny antics will have your children laughing and learning at the same time. Look for Dr. Bonyfide on special clothing pieces and on free downloadable play sheets (coming soon!) Get ready to like this guy.

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