K-Dub Artist Feature

Questions we asked K-Dub:

Question: Who is K-Dub?
Answer: K-Dub is a Father, Artist, Educator & Action Sports Activist in Oakland, CA.

Question: What do you do? For the community?
Answer: As an artist, I have worked with youth in creating public art projects. As an Action Sports activist, I have worked with the community and youth to build/ develop public skateboard events and build skateboard parks in the community.

Question: What have you been up to, especially during this pandemic?
Answer: During these very trying times, I have been focusing on my personal artworks and developing public art opportunities for local artists. I’m also in talks with the City about developing another skatepark for the San Antonio Park community.

Question: What inspires you?
Answer: I’m inspired by our youth, the times, and the amazingly talented folks in the Bay Area.

Question: What inspired this design?
Answer: This design is a mix up of my characters, phrases, and symbols. It’s from a much larger piece that’s 9ft tall and 8ft wide.

Question: If there is anything you would like to tell young people, youth, what would that be?
Answer: My message especially at this time would be to first, think about ways to uplift your family either thru education or hard work and effort. Develop work habits with discipline those elements with a pay off later.

Question: How can youth get involved and make an impact in their community?
Answer: 2020 has been a hard year for any kind of public job opportunities for young people. Hopefully, 2021 will provide more opportunities & resources to give young people jobs or volunteer experiences. My suggestion is to make yourself ready and employable.

Question: How have you been involved with Know Yourself?
Answer: I believe I got involved with Know Yourself bout 2015/16 starting with the Adventure Series developing the storyline and Shorty Lemonade. Shorty is a character that I had been thinking about for a long time and together with the Know Yourself team we developed her as part of the Loops Crew. Throughout the years Know Yourself has commissioned and used some of my original artwork in their product line. 

Question: Where did the name loops crew come from?
Answer: Involvement in Loops Crew/ Know Yourself - I am not sure the question but loop this into his loops wheels since that was the inspiration The Loops Crew was named from a skateboard wheel project that was developed to “Gift Back” to local youth. The name just seemed to fit the characters as they are always roll’n into some new adventure.

Who is K-Dub

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