Adventure 3: The Circulatory System


Join us on Adventure 3, as we get to the heart of the matter…. with the Circulatory System! Travel to China  and meet  the mighty warrior monk Tianyaun, who knew that mastering the mind sets the foundation for building a strong body.  

Through an artful combination of hands-on learning, storytelling, world cultures, and activities, your kids will expand their journey of self-discovery and understanding of what they are made of. 

Inside Adventure 3, you will find fun Circulatory System activities for kids that include experiments, crafts, comics, word games, recipes, and more! 


Teaches young learners about their Circulatory System through a multidisciplinary approach integrating literacy, science, social studies, health/wellness, art, and more! 

  • 113 pages of hands-on learning for hours of discovery and fun!
  • A variety of activities that inspire curiosity from the inside out. 
  • Includes the comic: Time Skaters Adventure 3: The Zen is mightier than the Sword.

Fun Facts about the Circulatory System:

  • Your heart beats about 100,000 times every day. That’s a lot of beats!
  • Blood can circulate through the entire body in about 20 seconds. When blood is pumped from the heart, it is moving at about 1 mile per hour!
  • There are 3 types of blood vessels in your circulatory system. You’ve probably heard of veins before, and the other two are arteries and capillaries.
  • Your heart is a muscle, and just like your other muscles, it needs exercise to stay healthy. You may have heard the word “cardio” when people talk about exercise, which is from the Greek wordκαρδίᾱ (kardia) meaning heart!

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  • Benefits:

    • Our curriculum gives young learners the building blocks necessary to start their unique journey of self-discovery: an understanding of human anatomy. Learning about the body and mind at a young age sets the foundation for making healthy decisions about one’s body, developing self-esteem and confidence, and begins the discovery of who we are meant to be in this world.
    • An award-winning workbook series that teaches human anatomy for kids which can be integrated in a variety of learning environments and with children of all ages and abilities.
    • Representation matters! Developed by a culturally diverse team of educators, parents, community advisors, and medical professionals, our products are known for being highly engaging to children of many backgrounds, learning styles, and interests.

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