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    Nom - The Stomach - Organ Learning Toy  


    Job:Nutritionist for the Starship B.O.D.

    It’s time to learn about the body (Starship B.O.D), with Nom helping along the way! Alongside their fellow organauts, Nom helps to guide Starship B.O.D. through the universe with their fellow Organauts to learn about the body in new ways. There will be obstacles along the way, and who knows who or what they will encounter. 

    Nom is the nutritionist and helps to fuel their fellow Organauts on their journey, because food is fuel. Nom will help lead the way with their acidic humor, strong stomach, and extreme honesty. Skipping a meal can greatly affect Nom, will it affect the Organauts on their adventures, or will it be to the advantage of everyone? 

    Join in the adventure from home as the Organauts travel through space. Collect them all and create your own adventure.


    • One Collectible Vinyl Figurine
    • One Mini Comic Book
    • One Collector Guide Book


    Our products are backed by award winning educational curriculum and products. At Know Yourself, we want kids to know how their body works to help them make more informed decisions as they grow up. By combining educational activities with play, you can be sure that you are helping to guide your children to self discovery, independence, and positive self-esteem. 


    Higher in the abdomen than what you call your belly, the stomach isn’t the first part of digestion (that actually happens in your mouth), but it is very important. This muscular organ breaks down food and mixes it with digestive juices, so nutrients can be absorbed by your body.  Its acids kill off harmful bacteria or toxins that might be in your food–so it’s also a key part of your immune system!

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