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    How We Montessori Reviews the Adventure Series

    How We Montessori Reviews the Adventure Series

    I would say that a six year old with strong reading skills would definitely love it and there are plenty of opportunities for younger children (such as my 4 year old) to join in. Educational subscription services are an excellent idea for busy families who want to be hands on with their children’s learning. There is no need to research and to think about how to engage the child – it is all included in one brightly coloured box. I can’t imagine how useful this product would be for home-schoolers.


    How We Montessori

    We’re huge fans of Kylie’s blog and were honored when she decided to review the first delivery of our Know Yourself Adventure! Check out her full review at How We Montessori.

    Caspar (eight years old) and Otis (four years old) both had an fantabulous time learning together. Kylie writes, “My kids have a large enough age gap that on most occasions they work well together in a really productive way. Otis asks lots of questions, Caspar helps him to find the answers. Caspar’s reading skills also mean they can work together without the need for an adult.” Highlights for Caspar and Otis included the Time Skaters comic, the invisible pens, and the Dr. Bonyfide Presents workbooks.

    Photo © Kylie. (How We Montessori).

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