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    The Traveling Sisterhood Reviews Know Yourself

    The Traveling Sisterhood Reviews Know Yourself

    …Know Yourself Adventure is a year long monthly subscription. The first month’s adventure includes a Time Skaters comic, science experiments and corresponding materials, historical lessons and healthy recipes, all packed in a sturdy box with a magnetic lid (which I found to be really cool!). It’s for kids 8-14 and I can tell you that my 8, 10, and 11 year olds, not to mention their in-her-30s mama, found it to be very cool!


    The Traveling Sisterhood

    Celena, who blogs at The Traveling Sisterhood picked up copies of our Dr. Bonyfide workbooks and the Anatomy Adventure series from our friends at Educents.

    Her kids (8, 10, and 11) explored time, the skeletal system, and the five senses in the beauty of their back yard and found that “the comic was engrossing” and the workbooks were “the perfect accompaniment to [their] lessons.”

    Photo by Celena at The Traveling Sisterhood.

    Music to our ears! Entertaining kids is just as important to us as the educational component of our products. It’s a big reason behind why our founder, Nancy Howes, created this company after all. Dry material doesn’t hold kids’ attention, and we never get tired of hearing how much kids love the stories, characters, and hands-on activities we work so hard to bring them!

    Thanks, Celena, for the great review. Lesson time with the kiddos in your backyard looks absolutely magical!

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