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    A Mom’s Take Review and Science Activity

    A Mom’s Take Review and Science Activity

    The Know Yourself Adventure Series takes your child on a monthly voyage through time and uses historical figures to teach them important lessons about how the body works. Our first box helped us learn more about our five senses in Greece by Aristotle himself! We learned so much together as we explored the different roles seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting take on in our everyday life […] A subscription to Know Yourself Adventure Series is the perfect gift for kids.


    A Mom's Take

    We want to thank Aimee for such a wonderful review of the Know Yourself Adventure Series. “Kids need information presented in several forms before they really understand how something works,” she wrote, and we take this to heart (pun intended)! This is a big reason that our Adventure Series is a curated collection, with lessons that keep building on topics in earlier deliveries. Children will gradually learn about the systems of the body as they approach self literacy!

    Get inspired to introduce anatomy to your kids with Aimee’s amazing DIY anatomy lesson for the respiratory system. Read the full instructions on how to make paper bag lungs and read more about Aimee’s experience with Know Yourself at A Mom’s Take.

    Photo © Aimee. (A Mom’s Take).

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