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Activity Kits

Peek Inside Activity Kit No.1

Activity Kit Series
  • A limited-edition Time Skaters comic book
  • Your trusty Activity Kit Guide, to show you the way
  • Five Self Literacy experiments: one for each of your five senses
  • Stickers, because everyone loves stickers
  • A fold-out Activity Kit Map to show where you’re going
  • Super stretchy Wonder Putty
  • Egg Shaker, for maximum groovage
  • Magnifying Glass: have you ever looked at your tongue close up?
  • Invisible Ink Pens with built-in UV light, for secret messages
  • Special Know Yourself Notebook, for recording science experiments
  • Six Activity Kit Vials – for science!
  • Authentic Greek Recipes
  • Peek Inside Activity Kit No.2

    • A Know Yourself Backpack
    • Quick Start Guide and Side-by-Side Learning Calendar
    • Time Skaters Comic, Issue 2: “Bone Voyage” (36 pages)
    • Activity Kit Guide Booklet (24 pages)
    • Know Yourself build-your-own Skeleton with our signature typography
    • Know Yourself playing cards with our typography and artwork
    • Sticker Sheet
    • Bone Pen
    Activity Kit Series

    12 Exciting Activity Kits

    12 Months of Adventures


    Happy Customers

    “I loved the illustrations, comic book and all of the great ways that the kit encouraged my son to do science.”

    Happy Customers

    “My third grader and 5th grader couldn’t wait to dive into the adventures! They loved all of the hands-on learning included in the kit. I loved that they were learning about their senses by using them!! (And everything was included!)”
    - Chasing Supermom

    Happy Customers

    “The kit came with some great items and was a wonderful all-day science/history experience. The combination of science and history was definitely awesome!”
    - Celena

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