Time Skaters #1: The Fangs of Philosophy


Follow Pinky and her friends (The Loops Crew) on a time traveling adventure to ancient Greece. As the Loops Crew begin their day everything seems to be normal until they find a portal that leads them on a journey through ancient Greece to discover the five senses. 

This will be the beginning of an adventure that is guaranteed to bring non stop action alongside learning! Not only do they learn about the five senses, but they come to study the natural world. Along the way they may have to fight some lions and overcome obstacles. But when they find a clue left by Dr. Bonyfide they know it is time to head to the next adventure… but where will it take them? 

Don’t miss the wonderful adventures of the Time Skaters as they travel the universe in search of knowledge and adventure. 


1 Paper bound comic with pages of adventure 

  • Included within are activities to guide the reader through the five senses with activities, fun graphics, and a taste of what is to come. 


Recommended Ages:

For independent reading ages 8+ 
However, our comics are great for all ages! 

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