Time Skaters Bundle #1-10


Dr. Bonyfide's Time Skaters Adventure Series: Comic Bundle/Issues 1-10 Time Skaters #1: The Fangs of Philosophy Time Skaters #2: Bone Voyage Time Skaters #3: The Zen is Mightier than the Sword Time Skaters #4: You’ve Got to Be Kidney Time Skaters #5: Hard to Stomach Time Skaters #6: The Blights of Camelot Time Skaters #7: Fleur-de-Wheeee! Time Skaters #8: Gland Slam! Time Skaters #9: Live Lung and Prosper! Time Skaters #10: Lymphin' Large.


10 Paper bound comics with pages of adventure 

  • Included within are activities to guide the reader through the five senses with activities, fun graphics, and a taste of what is to come. 

Recommended Ages:

For independent reading ages 8+ 
However, our comics are great for all ages! 

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