Dr. Bonyfide Presents Bones – A Review

Learning about the skeletal system should be fun. There should be games and activities that keep a child interested.

Timberdoodle Review- Dr. Bonyfide Presents Bones Book Set

Watch this awesome Timberdoodle Review video!

Dr. Bonyfide Review

Long time no post! I am back after several computer issues and with a brand new review!! 

Dr. Bonyfide

Dr. Bonyfide Presents Bones - Set of 4 creatively engages your child as they learn the skeletal structures of the human body utlilizing a variety of rhymes, activities, comics,...

Timberdoodle Dr. Bonyfide Presents Bones Set of 4 Review

I have a fun book set to share with you, Dr. Bonyfide Presents Bones Book Set of 4!

Dr Bonyfide Presents Bones... Review

We've had a crazy past few months and so it was difficult to actually get any work done. 

Dr. Bonyfide - A Timberdoodle Product Review

I am so honored to once again be a 2017 Official Reviewer and Blogger for Timberdoodle! Timberdoodle is one of my favorite resources for "crazy smart" homeschool supplies...

Is There a Doctor in the House?

So is there a doctor in our house?  At the rate we are going, there might be one soon!  Colby LOVES all things human body.

Review: Dr. Bonyfide Series

This is my review of the Dr. Bonyfide Series, a great supplement to any school year. “Dr. Bonyfide is a young person’s highly entertaining guide to their own...

Dr. Bonyfide, Science Books: A Timberdoodle Review

This was the year that I knew our science would take a giant shift in the Wildwood Halls of Ivy.